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As we are flooded with mails on a daily basis some of which are very trivial in nature or are very vague in nature we respond only to mails where in patients photos have been included as an attachment.

Without photos and a brief history which should include treatments taken till date, the response to treatment received, whether the patches are spreading or not we can't advise our patients.

Please do not fill up the forms with vague queries like need help / how can I get my vitiligo treated/I can't comment on this without knowing your history or getting to see what kind of patches we are dealing with.

Please do not mail asking us to post medicines we are a Allopathic clinic not an online shop that peddles medicines to one and all without bothering to find out if it works or not.

We have a paid online consultation facility to help patients who do not reside in Bangalore.

Please use it if you are serious to get yourselves treated with us.

Estimates for surgery will be provided only to patients who opt for online consultation, and the costs will vary depending upon local or general anesthesia, size of the patch, number of sittings required.

The cost of online consultation is 500 rupees, the only reason we opted for this is to concentrate on clients who are serious to get treated versus the casual ones who take up our time but do no justice for the help we provide.