Vitiligo / Leucoderma / or plain white patches on skin the mere appearance of white patches on skin is enough to send one into a state of panic depression.Then one starts the search for a cure, and the confusion options varying from tablets, ointments, uv lights, surgery, allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, unnani, herbs, magic lotions and pills.

What is an ideal treatment, does one exist is a conjecture at present to simplify most of the treatments can cure white patches to varying extents depending upon how ones body responds to it, but none of them no matter what they claim can cure white patches permanently.

Now what happens if a part of the patch that you are getting treated fails to respond further, then you start switching treatments thinking a new one works, and when several treatments fail to provide results come the statement there is no cure for this disease.

The reality is there is always a point to which medical treatment works, it either gives you complete re pigmentation or a partial cure and when there is a partial cure then surgery is the only solution provided ones patches have stopped spreading.

It is this ignorance that prevents a huge number of Vitiligo sufferers to stop treatment while in reality a large number of these patients can be cured of their existing patches.

This is where our technique of Melanocyte transplant offers Vitiligo sufferers a chance to get rid of their existing patches.

Noble clinic is the true pioneer of Melanocyte transplant surgery in India, and it was the hard pain staking research done by our mentors in Sweden that enabled me to offer Melanocyte transplant surgery to white patch sufferers since 1998, with out experimentation.

I had a tried and tested method of treatment which i could offer to my clients, while some doctors now are still trying to experiment and offer a solution.

We can boldly claim that Noble clinic has the highest series of Melanocyte transplant surgeries done till date worldwide, the safety, effectiveness of our technique has been documented in several international dermatological journals, and other doctors use these as references in their quest to treat vitiligo.

Vitiligo sufferers also suffer from depression, and this can cloud thinking logically, in the initial days of my practice all of them wanted permanent cure, the common question we faced was why undergo surgery if new patches can come in future a very logical question if you are a patient to ask, the answer lies in the fact that after 16 years of my practice which is huge and substantial having operated on thousands of vitiligo patients about one percent of my clients have come back to me with new white patches, this is among those that were successfully treated, so for the rest that benefitted they have been disease free to the best of my knowledge, so our technique provides relief to a huge extent, however like with any other surgical treatment we only provide color to existing patches, it does not cure the root cause of the illness, and with changing trends socially vitiligo sufferers are not looked down upon, as before, patients have also matured and are looking at a cure for their current illness, rather than seeking an all elusive permanent cure for their white patches.

The point to remember is that this surgery of Melanocyte transfer works far better than skin grafting or punch grafting in delivering skin color cosmetically, and like all Surgical treatment for vitiligo has its share of successes and failures, and side effects which i have elaborated in the web site.

I hope that this may help you to make your decision wisely, while we do get request to share our patients name to others, respecting privacy we do not do so, Vitiligo still has a social stigma in India, people with vitiligo find it difficult to get married, find jobs, ridiculed by others, mistaken for leprosy, or provided unsolicited advice on how to get it cured, the least I can do after the surgery and the recovery is to leave them to enjoy their lives rather than trouble them with request to speak about their past illnesses with others, on a lighter note its a joke in my clinic that when we do good people fall on our feet( a true fact) and call us gods and when it does not work well we become the devil, while in reality this is the extent of mental stress all of you have when you get Vitiligo and it gets released in blessing us or cursing us mere mortals.

Some Patients in my clinic find it hard to even give us written testimonials after their disease has been cured, thinking we share it with others online, this is the extent to which they want this kept confidential and we appreciate their sentiments.

To conclude Melanocyte transplant done in my clinic has hugely been effective, to a large extent to cure Vitiligo, Whether you choose us or not i hope you all the best in your Endeavour to get yourselves cured of Vitiligo, remember not all that one reads on the net is gospel truth, it helps you to understand what your illness is all about, then the rest has to be taken up with doctors, it’s better not to go to a consultation with pre conceived knowledge that certain drugs are harmful or they do not do the job just because it has not worked for some other patient who has posted an online review, every individuals disease is different hence the results you get can also differ.

No doctor likes to see failures intentionally, but current treatments in vitiligo limits it to not curing everybody all the time, but can cure somebody all the time. hence understand the limitations of what treatment is being offered before you submit yourself to it.

I would also like to thank all my patients who had the trust in me to get themselves treated, to all those patients who benefited it is a great source of inspiration to me when they come forward and say thank you doctor you made a big difference in my life, i would especially love to thank all those patients who have not benefitted from this procedure, for having had the faith in me and all I can say is i am sorry I could not be of much help to you ,the art of medicine teaches you new things every day, being pioneers is not an easy job as you have to learn where this treatment works and where it does not, understanding the limitations and working under it, and with seventeen years of experience we are now confident of tackling our patients effectively.