White patches/Vitiligo on mouth/lips can be caused by many skin disorders and diseases, and may become a cause of serious concern for the patient having it.

Many patients with white patches inside and around the mouth are diagnosed with a skin pigment disorder known as Vitiligo. A person having Vitiligo may show discolouration of skin at many different locations including face, body, armpits, legs and even the eyes. With dark skinned people, the white blotches are much more noticeable.

For patients with patches located on lips, inside of the mouth or tongue, the concern becomes just more than a health issue and is associated with social acceptance, low self esteem and physical unattractiveness – all factors that substantially affect the quality of life.

Although Vitiligo is incurable and non – life threatening, there are Latest Vitiligo Treatment In India to improve the condition of skin and restore quality life.

Causes of Vitiligo on lips

What really causes Vitiligo is not known to medical science. Some experts believe it’s an autoimmune disorder, where the patient’s immune system attacks his own body, destroying the skin pigment cells called melanocytes for that Melanocyte Transplantation method needed to cure. Others believe that it can be caused by stress, sunburn and may even run in families.

For patients with white patches on lips and mouth, the risk increases as these parts are exposed to sunlight and have greater risk of spreading.

Who are at risk?

Although it can occur to a person of any age, any gender or race, patients in their twenties present with Vitiligo more often. There is a chance of people with certain other autoimmune diseases to be more likely to develop Vitiligo, but there are no well established scientific grounds on which the reason can be placed.

Treatment and cost of Vitiligo treatment for mouth

If the patches are around the lips and mouth, it’s far more practical for patients to seek immediate solutions like Eximer laser treatment and skin grafting.

Laser treatment involves focusing a laser on the affected part for a certain amount of time. There is no pain or discomfort involved with the treatment and it may take multiple sessions to see results.

The cost of treatment is expensive for laser or Vitiligo Surgical Treatment as they offer an immediate and long-lasting solution and have minimal side effects. Other treatments like skin creams and oral medicine may be affordable but take long time to show results.

As the efficacy of one treatment may differ from patient to patient, treatments are often combined to get the best results for the patient.

If the patches are large and more in numbers, the patient may strive for hiding the patch from showing on the face by using cosmetics and other camouflaging agents.