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The Diet Plan For Vitiligo Patients

Food consumption is one of the many basic needs that individuals need to satisfy. Food provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals and energy the body needs for its functioning. In fact, having a good diet is extremely important. A balanced diet promotes health and a healthy lifestyle. But consumption of food has now become an activity for entertainment as well. People enjoy consuming food that excites their taste buds.

The Diet Plan for Vitiligo Patients

Indulging in unhealthy eating practices has made many people prone to various diseases and disorders. Controlling eating habits have a positive correlation with control over health. Many patients of diseases like heart disease and diabetes control their disease through their diet. But it’s not limited to just these two disorder. Even patients with vitiligo can try controlling their White patches from spreading just by changing their diet.

The Correlation between Vitiligo and Diet:

Vitiligo is a skin disorder where a person experiences occurrence of white patches in various parts of their body. This disease does not have any life-threatening repercussions but does influence the person’s outlook on life. There are many options for Treatment for vitiligo. Moreover, it’s not about what one consumes, but what they should avoid consuming. Here is some dietary advice that should be followed by Vitiligo patients:

  • Avoid having processed food:

People who consume processed food are more likely to be affected by Vitiligo compared to people who don’t consume processed meat.  This is because processed food does not contain anti-oxidants. Essentially, antioxidants help in keeping away diseases. Excess consumption of processed food will lead to a lack of antioxidants that might aggravate vitiligo.

  • Avoid Consuming Junk Food: 

Many people have a habit of resorting to junk food often. According to a study, people who have eaten junk food on a regular are more prone towards developing or aggravating their white patches. In fact, patients with vitiligo should limit their consumption of coffee and chocolate as well.

  • Avoid Consuming Excess Meat: 

It may seem hard but Vitiligo patients should try leading a vegetarian life and avoid consuming meat. Meat these days are processed with chemicals and is also heavy to digest. If it does not digest properly all the toxins will likely aggravate the vitiligo.

  • Consuming food high in Vitamin B-12: 

According to research, a deficiency in Vitamin B-12 will lead to an increase of homocysteine – this is a chemical which is responsible for the destruction of pigment cells. Hence it is advised to consume food which is rich in Vitamin B-12. Yogurt is the best source of obtaining Vitamin B-12.

  • Consuming of Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are known to be extremely healthy for the skin. Vitiligo patients should try to increase their intake of this as it will help with the health of the skin. Vitiligo Patients should try to consuming food like flax seeds oil, walnut, chia seeds, and seafood are a few substance rich in omega 3 fatty acid.

These are just a few tips that vitiligo patients can follow when it comes to their diet. There are Various Treatments for Vitiligo that patients can opt for alongside following a diet. This will help in controlling the white patched from spreading further.