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The Connection between Vitiligo and Tattoo’s

Flawless skin is one of those many phrases that have been synonymous with beauty. In fact, the idea of beauty has evolved through the years but some aspects remain the same – reemphasized through pop culture and the media. Scars, bruises, pimples, acne and spots are some of the features that are considered unattractive. People try to gain spotless skin through the application of various cosmetics. But there are certain spots and skin problems that cosmetics cannot cover as easily and Vitiligo white skin is one of them.

Tattoo for vitiligo patches:


Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches. Due to the loss of pigmentation, skin discoloration begins taking place on certain parts of the body. The cause of this disease remains unknown, preventing the finding of an actual cure. This a plainly cosmetic disease that affects the way a person looks. Many patients who are Living with Vitiligo try to live out of the limelight due to the fear of being judged. But there are many patients who have embraced their Vitiligo and have actually creatively portrayed it as well. Here’s one such brave story about a woman who embraced Vitiligo through tattoos.

The Art of Vitiligo Tattoo Treatment: 

Vitiligo tattoo treatment‘ is currently the trending mode of fighting Vitiligo but it’s sure to catch on soon. It’s an artistic and creative way of covering certain Vitiligo spots and this is exactly what Ashley Soto thought as well. Soto was 12 years old when she was first diagnosed with Vitiligo. Soon the spots covered a majority of her body. Being a victim of bullying throughout her teen years, Soto decided it was time to convert her insecurities into something she would be proud about. Now Ashley Soto is a worldwide Instagram star popularly known for her various artistic tattoos.

In many ways resorting to a ‘vitiligo tattoo treatment’ will help in boosting the self-esteem of the individual. The biggest impact of Vitiligo is on the self-esteem. Many Patients Of Vitiligo live in fear of any social situation because they fear being judged or mocked by other people. Hence by resorting to getting inked, it’ll help creatively and artistically cover up the spots. Moreover, the spots that once seem unattractive to look at will not become the part of the body most proudly looked at and spoken about.

There are various medical concerns as well that need to be taken into consideration. The most important thing to keep in mind before getting inked is that there has to be an even skin tone. This is because skin colour may change each season while this contrast may not be evident on even coloured skin tone it is extremely visible on the tattooed skin. Additionally, the skin patch affected by Vitiligo can spread and get larger. Hence it may not be possible to cover it all up. It is always advised not to get tattoos on the skin which is affected plainly because it could spark up other problems like allergic reactions.

‘Vitiligo tattoo treatment’ may be trending but there are still many aspects of it that need to be considered. Before getting the white patched tattooed over ensure to read through the effects it could bring about.