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Self Care Tips For Vitiligo Patients

White patches on skin or Vitiligo can become a cause of worry for many patients as it seen as a social taboo to have a skin disorder. Apart from affecting personal image and beauty, dealing with a general misconception amongst people and peers that it could be a communicable disease also takes an emotional toll on patients. Although there is no cure for Vitiligo, many treatments help in concealing the white patches to give a normal appearance.


It is helpful for Vitiligo patients to have a coping strategy and exercise self care tips to achieve a better life. These tips are easy and can be used every day along with the recommended treatment for white patches on face by a skin expert.

Self Care Tips for Vitiligo:

  • Protection from Sun is very important for Vitiligo patients. As skin pigment plays a role in protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays, a skin pigmentation disorder can cause greater damage to exposed skin parts. It’s good practice to apply sunscreen and cover body parts whenever venturing out in the sun between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Gentle morning rays on the other hand can help in stimulating skin pigment cells and benefit patients.
  • While bathing, use mild soaps and gently scrub the skin. Sometimes friction can trigger the onset of new patches.
  • Avoid chemical-based products like deodorants or perfumes directly on skin. A good alternative is to use them on clothes instead.
  • As Vitiligo is more of a social disease than physical, it’s important to factor in the resulting mental stress and try methods like Yoga, meditation, pursuing a hobby etc. to stay positive. Mental stress may also trigger patches to occur on skin.
  • As some options of Treatment for Vitiligo skin disorder such as oral medicine take long time to show results, masking the patches and using cosmetic products helps in hiding visible patches on face and arms.
  • Scientific studies suggest that having a diet rich in copper can help Vitiligo patients. Vegetables like spinach, mustard greens and sesame are rich in copper. One can also drink water stored in copper vessels.
  • Maintaining a well balanced diet rich in Vitamin B12, folic acid and pantothenic acid is good for skin and can benefit Vitiligo patients.
  • Many home remedies like applying a mixture of turmeric and mustard oil can help in restoring the skin colour, or adding a skin like colour tone to the white patches.
  • Other home remedies include Ginko Biloba, sweet basil leaves, psoralen seeds and walnuts etc. have been used by Vitiligo patients to help cure or contain the skin condition.


Vitiligo patients should always take measures to protect their skin from Sun exposure and skin trauma before, through and after their skin discolouration treatment.

For many patients, these tips become a way of life and help them confidently cope with Vitiligo. Effective treatment options like skin grafting and Laser treatment can readily improve the quality of life for patients with visible white patches on face, mouth and lips.