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Why Melanocyte Transplant Works Better Than Skin Grafting Or Punch Grafting For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease caused by death of melanocytes and lack of melanin pigment that it produces in skin,

there are a few causes for death of melanocytes, including genetic destruction, auto immunity, segmental vitiligo,

the lack of a permanent cure does not mean that existing patches cannot be cured.

once the patch is stable the Melanocyte Transplantation Treatment of cell transplant in stable vitiligo provides an excellent solution for getting skin color, though like all surgical and medical treatment also at times result in failure.

Finding A Patch On The Neck:


One Sitting Resulted In Pigmentation That Follows In The Next Photo:



This lady was suffering since ages and the following skin color was restored in two sittings over 6 months time, she no doubt is very pleased with the results.

We at Noble Vitiligo Clinic have now been treating vitiligo patients since last 18 years, and the number of surgeries we have performed run into thousands, we have  a very high success rate in helping our clients to get rid of their white patches.

At times we have met with failures too, but this rate is a very low, one needs to understand that surgery or medical treatment does not offer a permanent cure for vitiligo, but it helps in getting rid of existing patches, not all patients who undergo surgery get white patches in future, at least this is my experience from having been treating vitiligo since 18 years, one also needs to understand that what we follow is the original Swedish treatment from Uppsala University hospital , and we use the medias and reagents as advised by our Swedish dermatologists.

The protocols we follow have withstood the passage of time and is still of the best that is available as these Swedish doctors were the first ones to use this treatment to cure vitiligo, and they have a lot of international publications in the best of dermatological journals available today.