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How Vitiligo/White Patches On Face Cured To Me

It was a young age that i developed a White Patches On My Face, and it was a big problem in my family as my mother was very worried about this, we tries a lot of medical treatments in allopathy, ayurveda, and homeopathy, however it just refused to go.

As my father was a staff nurse he read about Noble Vitiligo clinic in Bangalore, and we decided to meet him and see if a cure was possible.

The results were excellent and it was a big relief for me, my doctor encouraged me to write about it so that others can benefit.

Here Are My Results:


After The First Sitting:


Pigmentation Is Appearing In About 2 Months Time

After The Second Sitting:


most of it has recovered now.

white patches are curable and i would like to thank my doctor for having helped me to recover from this.