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How much do you know about vitiligo?

One of the lesser known fact about the world renowned pop star Michael Jackson is he was being treated for vitiligo. He knowingly or unknowingly has inspired several people out of this skin disorder by living beyond it after the treatment.

What are symptoms of Vitiligo?      

Are your hair follicles getting discolored? 

Is the color of your tissue changing?

Are you able to find white patches on your navel, armpits & lips, or any other places on your body?

If all these symptoms look familiar, then you are suffering from Vitiligo and you need to be treated to slow down or stop the skin discoloring phenomenon.

What are the different types in which Vitiligo can be caused in?  

Generalized vitiligo is a very common pigmentation disease, in which white patches often occur on the skin causing discoloring hair and some other parts oof the body. This caused due to loss of melanin in the skin and can be caused due to environmental causes as well.

Segmental Vitiligo usually affects areas of skin that are associated with dorsal roots from the spine. It causes discoloring mostly on a leg, face or arm, a good amount  of the affected lose some hair color , on the head, an eyelash or an eyebrow as well.

Localized Vitiligo is a common pigmentation disease, which affects one or more parts of the body. This is usually caused due to the loss of melanin content in the skin.

What is are common misjudgments of a vitiligo patient before the treatment?

One of the most common misjudgments of a patient is that there is a permanent care to vitiligo. What patients should first understand is that the treatment can only reduce or stop the discoloring of the skin. It can never completely cure him. This treatment may lead the patient to complete restoration of their skin color or may also lead the patient

Our treatment

Melanocyte transplant is a procedure where the top layer of the skin is extracted surgically from the patient using anesthesia. The layer of skin is grown overnight in a lab. Once grown completely it is applied on the areas where the patches exist.  Into restoring  skin color in certain areas of the body.

Why choose Noble vitiligo to treat your Vitiligo?

The late 1990’s gave way to Noble Vitiligo who introduced laser treatment for vitiligo in India. A common face in the medical industry Dr. Vivekananda Bhatt is the founder of this clinic. Noble Vitiligo offers their clients using treatment methodologies which are tested by the pioneers in the vitiligo industry. Our Industry knowledge, doctor’s expertise, universally certified equipment’s; patient friendly atmosphere has helped us in successfully conducting several laser treatments for vitiligo.