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How Is Vitiligo Perceived | Noble Vitiligo Clinic

What stands out in a crowd is always looked. People who suffer from physical disabilities or abnormalities, they are not just looked at but also feel judged in a crowd. It goes without saying that Vitiligo patients stand out in a crowd due to the white patches on their skin. The disease itself is not harmful but it does inflict emotional damage on the people who are diagnosed with it.


Public Perception of Vitiligo:

A major reason as to why many people look down on people with Vitiligo can be attributed to the fact that they have many misconceived notions about the disease. Apart from this, people also make judgments about others based on physical appearances. There are certain  assumption that they make about the disorder. For example, the biggest misconception about Vitiligo is that it is contagious! This is not at all true. It’s an internal condition of the skin, where the pigment producing cells do not function. Therefore, dispelling such notions and gaining a better idea of the illness would give better insight into what Vitiligo patients are undergoing.

Perception of Vitiligo by the Patient:

The diagnosis of Vitiligo brings about a set of emotional and psychological damage more than physical harm. Belonging to a society where there is an obvious emphasis on physical appearances and constructed notions of ‘beauty’, many people with Vitiligo begin feeling inferior as they believe that the illness distorts their beauty. In many cases, if Vitiligo is diagnosed in childhood, the parents of the child face major anxiety, which could directly or indirectly add on to the stigma against the disease.

Some doctors even have the tendency to ignore the severe aspect of Vitiligo or even disregard it as a ‘cosmetic’ disease.  It often remains unnoticed, that any form of physical disfigurement results in a decrease in social activity. Many patients with Vitiligo may not be very social or proactive in mingling with other people due to fear, shame, embarrassment and judgment.

In fact, social situations may make Vitiligo patients more anxious than usual. This could be a huge hindrance towards seizing opportunities, as they live in the shadow of fear and embarrassment. Since the definite cause for the disease still remains unknown, it becomes hard to predict and prevent the onset of new spots. This can also psychologically impact their security. Apart from just this,  their self-esteem and self-confidence tend to be really low. Only a minority has the ability to push aside the societal judgment and embrace their beauty regardless of the white patches. But the majority just hide away wanting to remain un-noticed.

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Whether they take the decision to undergo more structured forms of treatment or not, people who suffer from Vitiligo need to be supported so that they can have positive social encounters and don’t feel stigmatized because of a condition that has no bearing on the qualities they have to offer the world at large.