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Home Remedies To Control Vitiligo From Spreading

Our skin and complex play an important in the perception of beauty. Smooth and spotless skin is always regarded to be beautiful. Many people with scars and marks begin feeling insecure about their skin. They then begin resorting to skin creams and various other cosmetics that would help them get rid of their scars. But what about patients with vitiligo?


Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The exact cause of the diseases still remains unknown but it is purely a cosmetic disease. It affects the person’s skin, in turn making them feel insecure and inferior about their looks. Many patients with vitiligo cover and hide away from social situation plainly due to embarrassment. The major problem people face with vitiligo is that it spreads. Some of the many commonly asked questions are – Does vitiligo Contagious? Can the spreading be controlled? How to stop vitiligo from spreading?

How Control Vitiligo From Spreading 

The areas of skin which is most affected by Vitiligo are areas of the skin which are most exposed to the sun namely – face, hands and neck. Vitiligo is a disease which is unique to each and every person. For some people, it is small white patches in certain localized areas while for others it may be larger patches in various parts of their body. The spreading may be unpredictable but there are certain home remedies that can be followed which could help control the spreading. Here are some tips that can be followed:

1) Wearing Sunscreen:

The best way to prevent Vitiligo On Skin from spreading is to prevent the skin from being overly exposed to the harsh sun rays. It’s always best to take protective measures by applying sunscreen and minimizing the effect of the harsh sun rays. Sunscreen has UVA and UVB protection which keeps the skin completely protected from the harmful rays, which in turn helps control the spreading of Vitiligo.

2) Protecting Skin From Trauma:

This essentially means that a patient with Vitiligo should be extremely careful of their surroundings and avoid procuring cuts or bruises. Research suggests that the pain caused by the cut or bruise would help the Vitiligo spread. Hence its always better to be aware and careful of the surrounding so as to protects the skin from any trauma.

3) Don’t Take on Stress:

One primary trigger for Vitiligo to spread is stress. Trying to channel stress in more creative ways and in fact remaining calm, cool and composed will help control the spread of Vitiligo to other parts of the body.

4) Applying Mustard Oil and Turmeric:

One of the most common house remedies for Vitiligo is applying mustard oil and turmeric. Add 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder into 250 ml of mustard oil and stir it. Apply the mixture on the patches and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off and repeat the process for about 20 days.

5) Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves help effective Treatment to Vitiligo. For this, you would need to mix the basil leaves in lemon juice and apply it on the skin. Rinse and repeat this process the next day for the next six months.

The main cause of Vitiligo is suggested to be related to a nerve ending in your skin and immune system. Hence these remedies that can help Vitiligo from spreading further.

How to stop vitiligo from spreading here we provide some home remedies to control vitiligo like wearing sunscreen, protect from trauma, avoid stress, applying mustard oil, turmeric, basil leaves