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Defeating Vitiligo – My Success Story

Have you noticed a vitiligo patch on your arm or face? Want to know how to stop it from spreading? Well, let me tell you that Vitiligo can be cured! Live, experience and enjoy your life without letting a skin condition take you down.

What is Vitiligo?

For those who do not know about this type of skin condition, let me explain it in the simplest way possible. Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition where patches of skin lose their pigment by destroying melanocytes, pigment forming cells. Around 1% of the world’s population is affected by this condition. It can affect any area of the skin but the common areas are the face, hands, neck, and scalp.

If you have been suffering from this skin condition, then you can understand the difficulties we face daily. I have been living with vitiligo patches on my face for several years now. The white patches left me devastated and psychologically depressed. I had zero confidence, could not go out much during the day as I easily got sunburnt and was constantly nauseated.

When I learned that there are different types of treatments to minimize or completely cure vitiligo, I immediately started my thorough research to find various remedies to try and correct my condition. I got to know that there had been many attempts to correct vitiligo, but all in vain. I lost hope of getting it corrected. One fine day I read about this amazing melanocyte transplant surgery that guaranteed great results. At last, my prayers were answered.

Melanocyte Transplant Surgery – One of the Best Vitiligo Surgical Treatment

The latest surgical technique to stop or correct Vitiligo is Melanocyte Transplant Surgery. The top layers of the skin, namely melanocytes and keratinocytes, are removed surgically under local anesthesia and grown in a culture overnight in the lab. The grown tissue is then placed on the vitiligo patches. The success rate of the Melanocyte Transplant Surgery is about 95% with minimal side effects. It is ideal for difficult areas like bony surfaces, areola, genital areas and knuckles.

The Vitiligo Surgical Treatment Process

The moment I discovered that this treatment would put me out of my misery, I start my search to find the best vitiligo clinic in Bangalore. After comprehensive research, I chose Noble Vitiligo Clinic, a pioneer of Melanocyte transplant surgery in India. This clinic was the first to start melanocyte transplantation for Vitiligo in India.

Dr. Vivekanand Bhat has over 14 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and holds great reputation. Nobel Vitiligo Clinic seemed very promising. So, I decided to book an appointment. Upon careful inspection, Dr. Bhat assured me that he would get rid of the vitiligo patches in no time. Let me tell you, he is a man of his words. Once the consultation was complete, we decided on a date to schedule the surgery.

The day arrived. I was anxious as well as very excited. Anxious because I wasn’t a 100% sure that this treatment would work. As Dr. Bhat started with the procedure. My heart skipped a beat. It only took few hours for him to complete the Melanocyte transplant surgery. Once the surgery was done, I was advised on few things that needed to be taken care of.

Though I had researched that it would take around 8 weeks to see the changes, with the treatment from Nobel Vitiligo Clinic, I could see miraculous changes for me within one month. See it for yourself.

Before The Vitiligo Surgery:

Vitiligo Treatment 1

After 15 Days:

Vitiligo treatment 2

One Month Later:

Vitiligo treatment 3

If you are looking for a Vitiligo specialist in Bangalore, then Dr. Vivekananda Bhat is the right choice for you. The pictures above prove that Nobel Vitiligo Clinic is the best out there for people who want to eliminate Vitiligo spots. Thanks to Dr. Vivekanand, I got my confidence back and can live a carefree life.

Melanocyte Transplant Surgery is a big plus for vitiligo surgery and if the patches have stopped spreading I would advise this to all patients who think it is incurable.

Vitiligo/ White patches Before After Treatment: