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Cosmetics To Cover Your Vitiligo Spots

Do you want to know the how cosmetics can cover your vitiligo spots? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be talking about the types of cosmetic products that are suitable to conceal vitiligo spots, birthmarks, scars, etc.  Vitiligo is a skin condition where patches of skin lose their pigment.  The patches become white and usually start on the areas that are exposed to sunlight.

How To Cover Your Vitiligo Spots:

Cover Your Vitiligo Spots

Choose the Right Type of Makeup

First, you need to know the cosmetic product that would not work to cover the white spots. We normally think that if multiple layers of concealer or foundation are applied, the white patches will be concealed. Well, that’s not true. The ordinary makeup cosmetics are not going to be of any use. It may help darken the skin a little, but the patches will still be visible. So, never spend money on these products.

The best way to cover White patches is to use corrective makeup also called as cover up or camouflage makeup. These corrective makeups blend effortlessly with your skin tone and give a flawless effect. The art of camouflage using makeup has around us for years. Often used by celebrities, people from the fashion industry, burn victims and so on. Camouflage cream was first developed and used during the World War II by plastic surgeons.

There are many cosmetic brands that provide cover up makeup. Few of the leading brands include Dermablend, Microskin, and Dermacol. These cosmetics especially cater to the people who have vitiligo. With the combination of their concealer and foundation along with setting powder, you can seamlessly cover your white patches in no time. Before buying any cosmetic products, you always need to ensure if it suits your skin type. Camouflage make-up is usually safe for children and adults, but there’s no harm in being careful.

How Can You Buy Corrective Makeup?

Cover up makeup is normally ordered online but you may be able to buy them from the dermatologist. A prescription is not required to purchase camouflage makeup. Before you buy the product, you need to be very careful about picking the shade. Try multiple shades if you are not sure. This type of makeup is just like the ones that are easily available. So you don’t need the expertise to apply it. A quality cover up makeup gives a natural and long-lasting effect.

Easy Steps to Cover Vitiligo Spots Using Cosmetics

If you want your makeup to last the entire day, then you must follow these essential steps.

  • Cleanse your face before applying the makeup
  • Depending on your skin type and product, moisturize your skin
  • Starting from the middle of the white patch, apply thin coats of the camouflage makeup and move outwards
  • Continue to blend it more with your skin tone
  • Let it set for about 4-5 minutes and apply another coat
  • Repeat the process until you get the coverage you desire
  • Lastly, apply the setting powder and allow it to set it for 2-3 minutes

That’s it! Your camouflage makeup to cover vitiligo spots is now achieved.

Using the right type of cosmetics from cosmetic brands that specialize in the cover up makeup industry, you can easily cover the vitiligo spots. It not only gives a lasting coverage but also makes your skin look impeccable.

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