Dr. Vivekananda Bhat MBBS, MS., Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon. Having 14 years of Experience in Cosmetic Surgery
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Welcome to Noble Vitiligo Clinic – A Vitiligo Treatment Center in Bangalore

Vitiligo / Leucoderma / or plain white patches on skin the mere appearance of white patches on skin is enough to send one into a state of panic depression.
Then one starts the search for a cure, and the confusion options varying from tablets, ointments, uv lights, surgery, allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, unnani, herbs, magic lotions and pills.


All of us are born with Melanocyte, the job of which is to manufacture melanin pigment in the skin, there are two types of cells in the epidermis the Melanocytes and the keratinocytes, the Melanocyte manufacture the pigment melanin which is then stored in the keratinocytes the storage cells in the skin.
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This is the next procedure in evolution of surgical treatment for vitiligo. We have been performing Melanocyte transplants in India since 1996, as it was new at that time and only three doctors including myself worldwide were doing this procedure it was ridiculed as being unsafe by most of the other dermatologists.
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Once the white patch appears and starts to spread then all patients require Medical Treatment to be started, this could be in the form of immuno modulators, immuno suppressives,or steriods coupled with narrow band UV therapy or Excimer laser therapy.
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White patches on skin, also known as vitiligo is a skin disorder wherein the skin losses its usual pigmentation/ color. Though medically it is not a very serious disease, the social stigma which is attached to it, makes vitiligo a matter of grave concern.
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Our specialist

Dr. Vivekananda Bhat, M.B.B.S, M.S. Consultant cosmetic surgeon. He has been performing cosmetic surgery since 14 years. Specializing in Vitiligo surgeries, body Sculpting treatments, hair transplantation, facelift, laser cosmetic treatments for hair removal, botox and tissue fillers. He has undergone training in various cosmetic surgeries under internationally renowned cosmetic surgeons.
Noble vitiligo Clinic is the first clinic in India to start with melanocyte transplantation for Vitiligo. As he was one of the first doctors to introduce this technique in India, he was fortunate enough to be consulted by thousands of patients who were not responding to other treatment modalities and this has given him a enormous experience in treating vitiligo.


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One day, I was doing research about Vitiligo and found a website called Noble Vitiligo Clinic. I started the treatment three weeks ago and I’m already seeing results. I’m so glad I found Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat. I’m excited for my next visit.


What Customers are Saying

Noble vitiligo clinic is the best destination for any person suffering from vitiligo disorder.


What Customers are Saying

I am Nithya from Bangalore, Karnataka. I was a vitiligo patient. But after the treatment of Vivekanand N Bhat I’ve totally recovered. Thank u very much to my dear Doctor and WISH HIM ALL THE VERY BEST FOR HIS FUTURE SURGERIES.


What Customers are Saying

Dear sir,
Thank you for this great help. I’ve been following your protocol for just 2 weeks from now and my skin colour is resuming back to normalcy rapidly. Thank you for your expert advise.


What Customers are Saying

I had white spots on my neck, on my hands and feet. I have been taking treatment at Noble vitiligo Clinic. The spots on my neck are gone and my hands are clearing up. Thank you Noble Vitiligo clinic for sharing this.


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